Thoughts in anger

The world is rotting.

The amount of waste we're producing is increasing, regardless of improvements in efficiency and technology.

We can't seem to sacrifice anything, but demand "those in power" to do something to fix the issues of society. What happened to personal responsibility?

Self-care is used as a defense mechanism for self-indulgence. Claiming to having "vices" or "opinions" is a highly effectively cop out for not thinking about the larger consequences of one's actions.

We let large corporations control what we think, and defend consumerist attitudes as "entertainment" and "having fun".

Our limited mental capacities and social tendencies are being exploited for profit, and we're fine with that.

We play predetermined social roles in order to fit in and not have to explain our true opinions or feelings. These roles soon creep into what makes us, "us".

Information about our minds, health, and DNA are being extracted using massively scaled techniques and sold for trivial amounts of money. Little attention is being paid.

The quality of education systems across the globe is extremely low. Little action is being taken over this alarming problem, especially in regions of the world with high rates of population growth. Billions of people are being prevented from achieving their true potential and exploring what they find interesting. They are not being given a chance to provide a meaningful contribution to society.

Wage slavery is being justified as "promoting economic development". Little is thought about the quality of life of individuals working in such conditions.

People vote for the improvement of their own personal lives, and not for the improvement of society and the world. Self-interested behavior is promoted and encouraged by major tenets of world culture.

Racism and sexism remain prevalent in society. Just as long as it isn't explicitly stated, the legal and cultural systems permit them. Those who claim to fight for equality often do so to sell merchandise and create a career for themselves, while doing next to nothing for actually improving conditions.

That said, discourse on race especially has become a minefield. Certain groups of people find it difficult to say anything with regards to race in fear of being mischaracterized. It has become acceptable to make wide generalizations of groups just because they've held power historically, without considered the emotional impact that would have on the person and the future societal impact. Making discourse a one way street will only result in future divisions between groups.

People are becoming apathetic about changing the society about them. Hope and dreams are being crushed. Pessimism is taking over, especially for those without privilege.

Why is it so difficult to care for the fates of our fellow human beings? The people of Yemen, the Rohinya, the Uighurs of China, the Syrian refugees in Europe, the starving children in Sudan, cry, cry for our help.

The unjust deaths of millions shall haunt us every night. Every starving human. Every gunshot death. Every act of suicide. We are responsible, and we did nothing.